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Some situations and events in our lives occasionally give us the feeling of being at a dead end. Suddenly, we feel trapped in a role that does not suit us any more. All at once, we do not know what actions to take or who to turn to for finding the strength and the means to continue our journey. 

Yet we are our own inner strength; we simply tend to forget this or are sometimes totally unaware of it. 

Edith Zermatten and Philippe Laffaire can support you at key moments or during periods of crisis in your life, offering you a range of tools that will enable you to resume an active role in life.

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Discover or rediscover the resources that lie dormant in you

Both of them will support and help your to discover the strength lying dormant within you. They consider their approach as being like supportive work, or even like an in-depth journey during which together you will be able to learn methods for making the best use of your inner strength in the most appropriate way possible.

Whatever the situation, application and mind-set, Edith Zermatten and Philippe Laffaire will restore your ability to alter the vision of your environment and reality. Working with them via coaching sessions, for example, you will move from the status of object to the status of subject; from the position of spectator to that of actor. Instead of running away, you will dare to confront the obstacles arising along your journey.

With the aid of the different methods which Edith Zermatten and Philippe Laffaire use in their daily practice (which you will be able to learn), you will develop your real self, free from constraints and social injunctions.

Assuming that everything in our lives is correlated, both provide holistic care that is inspired by Chinese medicine, taking into account your mental and spiritualstate, your body and the situational and environmental contexts in which you find yourself at the time of your visit. The holistic approach is a cornerstone of the philiosophy of their work, based on listening, physical relaxation and exploration of the mind.

By doing so, Edith Zermatten and Philippe Laffaire guarantee you will achieve lasting health acquired by the association of techniques that are as natural as possible without drugs or surgical intervention.

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