Various Massages

Traditional, classic, relaxing or sports massages

Edith Laffaire-Zermatten offers traditional classic, relaxing or sports massages, which are adapted to your individual situation and depending on your occupation and needs.

Well-beeing and physical relaxation guarenteed

In addition, she also offers massages in the following specific techniques :

 Connective tissue massage

This type of treatment is intended to relax the deep muscles. For example, it enables the unfreezing of a frozen shoulder or the treating of joint problems through simple manual pressure. Where conventional medicine would offer surgery or injections, connective tissue massage represents an economic and non-invasive solution.

 Manual lymphatic drainage

this intervention will resolve all the problems inherent in poor lymphatic circulation (cellulite, hypertension, inflammation...). Coupled with acupuncture sessions, this treatment proves ideal for treating trigeminal neuralgia.

 Plantar reflexology 

Edith Laffaire-Zermatten is the educational manager for the entire teaching of reflexology at the HP school in Geneva.This approach considers that the feet represent the entire body and that strategic areas can be treated, depending on the blockages felt at different points (brain, skeleton, various organs...).

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