Support at professional and private level

Trained in 2008 at the IDC Coaching Insitute in Geneva, the number one coaching school in French-speaking Switzerland and recognised in Europe by the International Coaching Federation (I.C.F.), Philippe Laffaire is a supervisor of emerging coaches.

In his practice at Pursens Institute, you will be able to find the support you need to make progress in specific situations.

Professional coaching

Professional coaching is defined as a relationship pursued during a defined period, which enables the client to obtain concrete and measurable results in his professional and personal life.Through the coaching process, the client deepens his knowledge of himsel and improves his performance.

Coaching can be conducted in face-to-face sessions, by phone or in group sessions, i.e. at a specific place (sports coaching).

Coaching can be used in conjunction with psychotherapy work, but cannot replace it.

For example, when an individual is changing careers, it is often more complex than it appears. It is not simply a question of switching professions, but goes deeper and becomes totally life-changing.

Coaching methods provide support to those of professional career adivisors.

A coach offers broader thinking and methods for working on beliefs, values and internal barriers etc...

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Individual coaching 

The objectives of individual coaching within the professional framework are to :

 Give the company in question the appropriate direction, choose its allies and define the structures ad hoc.

 Implement a successful delegation which allows for focusing on the core missions.

 Establish maximum team efficiency and enthusiasm.

 Reconcile its professional and personal obligations.

 Exercise its responsibilities more efficiently.

 Deal with more or less important developments in its environment.

 Restore a difficult managerial situation.

 Redirect its career.

 Identify its issues and be effective more quickly in its handling of a new position.

For example, we would like to cite the case of a female anorexic patient whose pain was able to be alleviated by the combination of our coaching techniques and Chinese medecine.

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Project coaching

When an individual has to manage a project, much of the work required is linked to behavioural skills. For example, the ability to unite a team, leadership skills, communication skills, and the ability to create interpersonal trust.

Philippe Laffaire will help you find the inner strength which will enable you to acquire these essential skills.

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Strategy of studies for teens

Nowadays, the social pressure exerted on young people is very strong. "You must succeed" - this phrase sounds like a dictat that must be complied with if you want to "go far" in life. Very early on, we ask our young people to choose what they want to do with their life, make choises, and make decisions which will consistently influence their future.

Occasionally, such is the pressure that young people feel trapped and have trouble knowing what they want to do. Being caught in this kind of paradox stirs up doubt.

Through working with Philippe Laffaire, developing self-confidence and learning methods of work, a person sees his stress diminish and finds a sense of control, which enables him to make the appropriate decisions.

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Burn-out situation

To solve this type of situation, Philippe Laffaire recommends a combination of therapy and coaching.

Indeed, in burn-out situtations, the fatigue is as much mental as it is physical. Hence, it is necessary to use different methods related to these two aspects.
In our societies, we are used to listening to reason, the analytical part of our being, the ego, the means. In order to feel comfortable with ourselves, we must also listen to our creativeness and feelings.

Philippe Laffaire guides you into listening to your body, your heart, your emotions and your real self. By doing this, you (re)learn how to focus on the most important points and find a way that suits you.

Together you clarify the obstacles and set up a plan of action to remove these obstacles, which drain you of energy. This action will lead to a transformation and you will be able to deploy your strength in useful projects generating well-being.

Body therapy

At this level, Philippe Laffaire uses some of the same natural techniques as his colleague, Edith Laffaire-Zermatten, namely postural reprogramming or emotional healing.

In addition, he also practices techniques from Chinese medicine, such as acupuncture.....

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