Natural thErapies

Releasing tension and circulating energy

Edith Laffaire-Zermatten and Philippe Laffaire has undergone a lot of training, which has endowed her with different skills in the area of natural therapies.

Below you will find a brief description of the methods she employs to assist patients.


Naturopathy is a form of therapy utilising a series of natural techniques ranging from massage to homeopathy and includes dietetics, essential oils and various other methods.

These techniques are alternatives to conventional medicine that aim to make man more responsible for himself, his environment, his health and that of his loved ones, by making his entire self the focus of attention. Naturopathy is preventive and curative, and essentially a matter of health education and the redressing of important imbalances.

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Holistic postural reprogramming

The postural system can be regarded as "structured whole" with multiple sensors having several additional functions as follows :

 Fighting against gravity and maintaining an upright stance

 Opposing external forces 

 Finding our feet in the structured time and space surrounding us

 Balancing, guiding and reinforcing our movement

Our posture is linked to various different sensors - feet, joints, skin, muscles, jawbone, eyes, inner ear and higher centres (autonomic nervous system). These sensors perceive and send the different information which will influence our posture.

Any change in these sensors and the misinformation they send causes vertebral and rheumatic pain (such as a slipped disc, scoliosis, arthritis, join pain, lower back (lumbar) pain, middle back (dorsal) pain, and occipital neuralgia etc.) and are found in diseases such as multible sclerosis and fibromylagia.

The treatment uses different tools depending on the sensors in question :

 For the eyes : magnetic therapy, stimulating eye drops, orthoptic re-education.

 For the feet : the use of special postural reprogramming insoles.

 For the mouth : mandibular braces, potential orthodontic recommendation in the case of bruxism (grinding of the teeth during the night).

For the skin : essential oils to combat scarring.
For the higher centres (autonomic nervous system) : microcurrent suppression.

For the joints : some osteopathic manipulation.

Postural reprogramming focuses on solving the underlying problem and not the surface problem (i.e. the symptoms). For this purpose, an examination is conducted in the form of a precise and detailed interview and series of sensor tests. Introduction of the sensor corrections induces an immediate postural change.

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Emotional healing

This technique is based on the experience of an American woman, Brandon Lays.

In 1992, knowing she was suffering from a tumor in the uterus, Brandon Lays interpreted this diagnosis as a "wake-up call" to take care of herself, beliving that there are one or more causes for what happens to us. She devised the healing journey process, which put her through an intense experience: activating negative memories and transforming them brought about her own healing. Six and-a-half weeks later, she was declared to be in "perfect health".

This past exprerience narrated by Brandon Lays demonstrated that our feelings may affect our bodies and create diseases. And that sometimes, just healing these same feelings may treat some diseases.

In this regard, Dr Deepack Chopra talks about "ghost memories", in which trauma can be trapped in the body's cells. When the receptors are blocked, degenerative disease may be created. Whens cells degenerate, the negative blocking is transferred to cells of the new gereration.

With the aid of guided and health-enhancing meditation, we are capable of allowing the wisdom of the body to access cellular memories. Being put throught a process of "purifying" forgiveness, negative emotion is finally released, allowing the next generation of cell receptors to be free and healthy. In less than a year, all the body's cells are replaced, and the body is literally new.

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Energy therapy: magnetism or Reikii

Edith Laffaire-Zermatten has the gift and ability to attune emotionally and energetically with her patients. She has the ability to connect with the body of another on an energetic level, to feel the blockage felt by that person and the events associated with these blockages.

On receiving energetic messages from your body in a physical and mental form, she is able to free you of your blockages.

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